Krafty Kitten Updates

Woo Hoo!  Lockdown has ended!  Phhhew! 

As many of you know, that hasn't meant a holiday for us.  The gorgeous team have been working hard cutting, sewing, gluing, stuffing, stretching, packing and posting for Dannielle aka "the Sourpuss" at the Camberwell Studio, right next door to the Emporium Store.   Face Masks being on demand in overwhelming numbers meant extra staff to try and keep up with orders.  The girls who make up the team are lovingly referred to as ... The Kittens! (well of course).  They can be the Sweet Kittens, as opposed to the Sourpuss, but mostly the nickname that seems to have stuck is the "Krafty Kittens".  Whatever we call them, they are cute, clever and have been hard at work creating great new products.

The Kittens are in the best position to share all the latest, cool "behind-the-scenes" or "on the shop floor" updates of what is new and exciting, right here on our shiney new webstore.

Naming rights for their digital newspaper are yet to be decided ... Marvel haven't stepped up and placed a bid for us to call it "Catwoman(something-or-other)" as we were hoping... but there's still time!  In the meantime we might give a few names a go - perhaps some suggestions?   Keep coming back to see their posts here and sign up for our email updates - and of course connect on social media - to never miss a thing!