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You don't ever need to be at a loss again!  For a gift that ticks all the boxes, especially the "OHHH" and "AAAHHH!", we guarantee genuine smiles of delight when your gift is opened.  These carefully curated boxes are full of unique handcrafted or artisan designed pieces that will set them apart and be the stand-out present whatever the budget.

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Elementary Manuka Honey Balm
  • From $19.90
Elementary Aloe Vera Cleansing Bar with Tea Rose & Vanilla
  • $5.00
Elementary Volcanic Pumice Stone
  • $12.90
Elementary Hemp Exfoliating Body Mitt
  • $29.90
Elementary Hand Crocheted Cotton Wash Cloth
  • $24.90
Elementary Solid Conditioner Bar
  • From $12.00
Elementary Nourish Natural Lip Balm with Coconut & Olive Oil
  • $7.90
Elementary Detangling Hair Conditioner with Argan & Jojoba Oils
  • $39.90
Elementary Natural Liquid Shampoo with Himalayan Salt & French Clay
  • $39.90
Elementary Sanitiser Spray & Refill Bottle
  • From $19.90
Elementary Men's Skin Starter Pack
  • From $19.90
Elementary Facial Basics Packs
  • $29.90
Elementary Body Basics Starter Pack
  • $24.90
Elementary Hemp Seed Oil Cleansing Bar with French Clay
  • From $3.00
Elementary Premium Carrier Oils
  • $12.90
Elementary Premium Essential Oils & Blends
  • $16.90
Stir Crazy Citrus Cocktails
  • $18.50
Elementary Botanical Complex 7 Day Facial Cream
  • $49.90