Sewing Lessons

Ever wanted to learn to sew? What if that could be much easier and way more fun than you imagined? With the fast pace of modern society and living in a digital age, people are looking to learn crafts and skills once again. There is a real feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment in creating with your own hands. If you have found yourself looking with envy at someone elses handiwork, then one of our classes just might be all you need to get started.

Drawn from a wealth of experience (and some mad crazy passion/obsession), our classes are designed to support you step by step to gain the confidence you need to tackle the projects you want to do.  At The Sourpuss Emporium, we find that our workshops and classes build much more than skills, they also build a sense of community. You will find classes warm and welcoming, no matter your skill level or age.

Our sewing lessons are $45 per hour per person. We can provide the sewing machine or you can bring your own. You can bring your own fabric, or we can provide fabric at a 20% discount.

We can also offer pattern making lessons, bring in your favourite garment and we can help you make a pattern and teach you the skills necessary to create your own unique pieces.

Call us on 0400623832 to learn more!